Puppy Sam’s video


Sam is a puppy from our last litter (Jan 2010) and this video was lovingly created by his new mum Carol.

Today we were blessed with a visit from Carol, Mike and Sam. What a beautiful dog he has turned out to be – absolutely stunning, with a kind gentle nature. Thank you Carol and Mike for bringing him up so well and loving him so completely.

What a handsome boy!

You can read all about Sam’s adventures on his very own personal blog.


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Puppy Gallery


Video of the casino spiele online pups at 6 weeks old!

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Judy and Eli’s pups arrived last night! First one like Eli, then the second like Judy, and so it alternated all evening, one boy after another until 2 little black girls were born just after midnight. Final number – 9 – 5 black, 4 blonde. Here are the first pictures taken at about 2am this morning. Watch this space for new pics as the pups grow.

Judy and her babies

Hi Helen & Brian


They are absolutely gorgeous!!

We have a puppy from the last mating of Judy and Eli and he is now 14 months old and the absolote image of his mum. His name is Sam and he is the most adorable dog we have ever owned! He has a fantastic temperament, friendly, and so clever (sometimes too clever!!). He sailed through obedience classes up to gold standard with no trouble.

The mating that Helen and Brian have found here is something really special. I’m sure that these new babies will be as adorable as Sam (and not forgetting Dizzy!)

Well done guys, you’re a credit to breeders everywhere. If only more of them thought as much of their dogs and what the consequences of their matings would be there wouldn’t be so many “health problems” with puppies. You are always careful with whome you rehome your puppies with and are always interested in updates and keeping in touch with their progress.

If anyone out there is looking for a perfect puppy we can highly recommend these guys! – And of course their puppies!!!

Can’t wait for the next pics!!

Good luck & many thanks for trusting us to look after Sammy

Carol & Mike xx

Read all about Sam’s adventures on his own blog! http://puppysam.wordpress.com/about/

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FIFI Awards!

We recently ran a competition night at Gargrave Dog Training Club for our Advanced members. These handlers and dogs have progressed through all the classes (bronze, silver and gold) and, because they insisted on coming back, we have put on slots online a special class just for them! The FIFI class is so called because it consists of, amongst other things, Find It and Fetch It. There is also mini agility, competition obedience training, out of sight stays and anything else anyone wants to do. It is a pretty relaxed class, with regular input from the class members, and quite a lot of hilarity, usually at Brian”s expense!

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New Arrival

Brian and Helen are pleased to announce the arrival of ‘Marcus’, the ragdoll kitten!

He’s the most beautiful, but also the naughtiest kitten in the world, doing a wall of death round the living room and up and down the curtains at regular intervals. Since he’s been here we’ve found that he has absolutely no fear of any dog. They’re all his playmates as far as he’s concerned. Our hearts have been in our mouths more than once or twice!


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The boss of the household is Sasha. She is a 5 year old Maine Coon and if she finds a dog bed more comfortable than her own, she will claim it. She has little fear of strange dogs, although she is a good judge of character and knows immediately if a dog is likely to give her trouble!


Takeover bid

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