Wufra Progress 2015

Wufra Day 6

Wufra is making slow, steady progress. The vet (Tony) is pleased with his progress but is hesitant to say that he’s on the mend. He has a long way to go yet.

He is standing for longer, walking outside to toilet, eating and drinking well. He has put on about half a kilo a day since he’s been at the vet. He is still very weak, though.

Tony is hopeful that, if he continues to make this kind of progress, the operation on his leg will be done in about a week. He’s hoping to be able to plate it and not amputate, fingers crossed.

More updates, later. Meanwhile, I’ve been putting updates on my Facebook page if you want to have a look.


Wufra update!

Had a lovely visit with him tonight, delivered lots of cuddles and had a few in return.

All the news is still positive. Every day he’s a little stronger, a little bit ‘fatter’ and a little bit brighter.

Come on, fella, you can do it… 

Wufra for website



Thursday 7th November.

Wufra got mended today.

The vet was so pleased with his progress that he operated on his leg today. He said it was quite difficult – he had to refracture it because it was healing wrong, which is not surprising considering how long it had been broken.

But, he came sailing through surgery as he has sailed through the past few weeks. This is one determined dog.

I haven’t been able to see him today so, sorry, no pictures. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit tomorrow so please come back to see his smiling face, then.

Thanks to everyone involved in his care so far, especially the wonderful surgeon who has done a marvellous job. 🙂


Finally, Wufra was discharged from the vet’s into my care.

He has made a remarkable recovery, although he has to wear his leg support and have limited exercise for the next 6-8 weeks. I think it’s a small price to pay. He has ALL FOUR LEGS!!

He is definitely a little shy of new people, especially men, but in time I hope he’ll learn to trust humans again.

If you would like to visit him, then by all means get in touch. Don’t all come at once, I don’t think he could cope…

10th Nov

WUFRA Update!

October 2015 – 2 years later – our Will (WUFRA)

I am pleased to say that he is in peak condition, living the good life with us here, in Grassington. He has never looked back and, although painfully shy to start with, is oozing in confidence now. He thinks all our visitors have come to see him, such is his ego. He is a permanent fixture in our lives and I can’t imagine life without him.


Since Will found us over a year ago, my life has taken a different path. I am now heavily involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of local strays and unwanted dogs. Life has become much more rewarding and that’s all thanks to Will.

I’m sure you will appreciate that there are costs involved in doing this work and whilst I love it beyond anything, I don’t have an endless supply of money.

For this reason, I intend to set up a small charity in his name. He has changed our lives completely and we love him unconditionally. But there are many other poor strays and abandoned dogs like him that need our help. And it’s the least we can do.


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2 Responses to Wufra Progress 2015

  1. Angela Blanchard says:

    I just had to get in touch to say what a fantastic story about Wufra in the Daily express
    Sat.21st Dec.2013,to hear what he’d been through and to think no one claimed him breaks my heart,being an owner of 2 border collies,and 2 cats I cannot imagine my life without Meg and Abby(my dogs).He has a lovely sweet face,and the tinsel looks lovely.Thank you for all your hard work in looking after him,I’m sure he’s very happy!!

  2. Iris Claridge says:

    I have seen Will (WUFRA) and he is a testimony to the amazing people that you are at Dogspeople. Without the Fell Rescue service, that we value so much here in Grassington, this beautiful Sight Hound would have undoubtedly died. He is the most wonderful, well tempered dog I have ever met. How he can be so unforgiving of people I will never know. Thank you so much on behalf of myself, my friends and my family. Well done to you all, including the vet. Xxxx

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