First Birthday Garden Party!

Thank you to everyone who attended our doggie garden party to celebrate the first birthday of Judy/Eli pups on 4th April. We had a wonderful day, with a garden full of happy dogs! Here are some pictures of our day…

And here’s a little video of the chaos!

Thanks to Ann and Ivan for this lovely email after the party:

Hi Helen and Brian

Thank you for a memorable day. It won’t be ever  forgotten –  and is certainly imprinted in our minds. Great weather, food, hospitality  and dogs! It was great to see all the family – Human and Canine. The litters from Eli and Judy are a great credit to you both of you – in that they look great, have great characters and are full of fun.

We certainly have struck gold to have Darcy and Moby. Until yesterday I didnt realise that Moby was so exuberant until I saw him with his litter ( Darcie has kept him in his place at

Best of all it was marvellous to see the sheer joy on both your faces  in what you have achieved!

Charlie has good footage of the day – hopefully this will be shared with you in due course.

A great day and one that no amount of money could ever buy!

Thankyou    Ann.

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